Amazing and varied Abaya styles

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Amazing and varied Abaya styles

The trend of abayas is increasing day by day and becomes an essential dress for Muslim girls and women. It is an outer garment for a Muslim woman which covers almost all the parts of the body. It is a loose full length dress which drapes from the shoulders down to the feet. The abaya is usually worn with the veil or scarf on the head. It is mostly worn in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Middle East. But now women of other eastern countries are also starting to wear in order to maintain their modesty.

Amazing and varied Abaya styles

In the beginning, black color abayas are worn by the women, but now colored ones are also in fashion. Mostly Arabian women prefer black abayas, while the eastern countries prefer colored abayas. Western Muslims also prefer colored abayas. Abayas comes in different styles and fabrics in the market. It uses different fabrics like chiffon, georgette, Arabian linen, cotton, silk, etc.  They mostly use plain fabric but some abayas also comes in printed fabric.

Amazing and varied Abaya styles

Many designers are also working on the abaya styles to provide a fashionable way to dress while covering your modest parts. Except from plain abayas, designers embellish it with different things like contrast color patches to signify its style, embroidery to increase the beauty of the abayas and gold fancy work to adorn amazing designs. The abayas can be further enhanced with the laces, stone work, jewels and chains on them.

Different styles of abayas:

Amazing and varied Abaya styles

Women throughout the world wore different styles of abayas to show their individuality. Here we have mentioned different abaya styles that come in varied cutting styles and shapes. These varied cutting styles and shape changes your overall look and presents your personality in a personalized way.

Caftan abaya:

Amazing and varied Abaya styles

A caftan abaya is a long and loose outer garment that covers all parts of the body. It does not have sleeves and covers the hands till wrists and feet till the ankles. There are different variant of Caftan abayas available in the market as it is a very popular abaya style these days.

Front open abayas:

Amazing and varied Abaya styles

A front open abaya is just like an overcoat which is open from the front side with buttons.

Slim fit abaya:

Amazing and varied Abaya styles

This slim fit style abaya comes in tight fitting to cover your body. It is often worn with a cardigan or an upper shirt.

Frock styles abays:

Amazing and varied Abaya styles

This abaya style is just like long frock with fitted from sleeves and the upper portion of the abaya. It extends loosely till the bottom of the abaya just like a frock.

Butterfly abayas:

Amazing and varied Abaya styles

A butterfly abaya is a loose dress who has tight sleeves till elbow and further extends loosely to the sides of the abaya to give it an amazing butterfly look.

Abaya is the most elegant outer dress to signify the beauty of girls or women and cover their modest parts. However, the unique and varied styles of abaya make the personality of girls and women more personalized and present them in an amazing way.


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