Amazing ten secret beauty tips

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Amazing ten secret beauty tips

Amazing ten secret beauty tips

Maintaining beauty is one of the elemental requirements of human body. Once the body is shaped up properly it looks more glamorous and appealing. Beauty is the aspect which dimensions you up and is curved finely once it is taken as a deal of everyday. Taking care of you is the first step towards having a beautiful personality wrapped with elegance and style. To look beautiful is one the

integral need of a person. It will make your inner self beautiful even when you will be taking good care for maintaining healthy life. If you are beautiful, this is not the only thing. How you carry yourself, how you move and how you maintain yourself are key solutions for making yourself ever beautiful.

Tips for being beautiful

For getting control over beauty you should know that the brand of cosmetic you are selecting contains all your basic needs and requirements. Following are the ten best secret beauty tips for your body.

Best liner for your eyes:

For having a best eye liner over your eyes, it is advisable to keep your eye liner in refrigerator for fifteen minutes before you are applying it. This will enhance the glam over your eye lash.

Conditioner my only shaving cream:

Are you out of your shaving cream? Not a worry now. Conditioner has been found as the best alternative for shaving cream. Put it over the desired area make lather. This will leave your hair in a soft condition and shaving will be easier.

Vinegar is my hair solution:

Vinegar is the best solution for adding shine to your hair. Put some vinegar in cold water and rinse your hair then. This will produce shine in your hair.

 Best eye lash curler:

The best way for curling your eye lashes is to heat it with your hair dryer for a few seconds before use. This will leave well curlier lashes with you.

 Wrinkle free skin with ice:

If you want a wrinkle free skin, ice is the best thing in your kitchen. Take a cube of ice and roll it over your face before going to bed. By this you will have a wrinkle and acne free skin.

Sun block prevention:

For keeping yourself away from the burst of sun, putting up some sun block cream is the best solution. Even if it is cloudy weather outside, put up the cream as research shows that most of sun rays pass through the clouds.

Care for eyebrows with oil:

Oiling your elbows will make them shinier and soft. Do not ignore them as they are the prominent part of your face.

 Throw away your make up sponge:

Instead of using sponge during makeup, use a brush as it is economical and will let you use small amount of foundation when you will be applying makeup. Sponge takes up much foundation from the box when it is puffed up.

Deal pimples with toothpaste:

Toothpaste is not only for your teeth. Yes it’s true. It can clean up and puncture the ugly pimples from your face. It gradually dries up the skin and the pimple is completely finished. Try it.

 Get fair with lemon:

Using lemon and cucumber is the best way for your beautiful skin. Take lemon juice and mix it with cucumber juice. This will make your skin fair and beautiful.


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