Best Ways to Keep Your Hair Black

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Best Ways to Keep Your Hair Black

Best Ways to Keep Your Hair Black
Best Ways to Keep Your Hair Black

Premature whitening or graying of your hair is amongst the very common issues regarding health which can prevail in both males and females at any level of age. Some practitioners consider this problem as an outcome of environmental pollution that seeps into our ecosystem entering in our food chain leaving its effects on our health. You may preserve the natural color of your hair and prevent it from graying by following ways listed below:

• Gooseberry of Amla is one of the most suitable natural ingredient and remedy that work well. Take dried powder of Amla and mix with the honey. Consume this mixture daily twice a day.

• Most of people don’t like the dark brown color rendered by the henna. It’s better to use henna as prevention aid. For this, heat up henna leaves in the mustard oil. Cool down this mixture before applying.

• Be wise in choosing your shampoo. You must buy shampoo having important ingredients such as shikakai, Amla, coal tar, salicylic acid and zinc etc.

• Try to increase the consumption of curry leaves that promotes your hair roots. Also, squeeze curry leaves and in coconut and use. Moreover, butter obtained from pure milk is thought good as anti-graying agent.

• Increase usage of natural supplements essential for hair such Spirulina which contains minerals and Amino acids that can be attained from fish, lean meats, legumes and milk etc.

• Ensure to promote and enhance your blood circulation by continuous massage of your scalp. It is helpful to relieves stress.


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