Professional Manicure at Home

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Professional Manicure at Home

Professional Manicure at Home
Professional Manicure at Home

Everyone wants to get relaxed for sometimes. Now there is no need to pay heavy bill to have a professional and costly manicure at saloons. What you need to do is just follow some steps mentioned in this article. It’ll enable you to make professional manicure at your own home.

• Make a relaxed and soft atmosphere by putting some candles around bathroom. Get into it with comfortable slippers and relax with smoothing mind.

• Remove the old nail polish with 100 percent acetone (used by professionals also). Place hydrated cotton on nails until they get soft. Remove polish easily.

• Cut your nails and file them. Dip your hands in water for 5 minutes. Tap with soft towel to dry them and apply moisturizer.

• Apply some amount of cuticle remover and push your cuticle back slowly from the nail with the help of cuticle stick.

• Apply a bottom coat that prevents to weaken and damage your nails from the chemicals. It also protects nails from turning into yellow.

• Coat your nails with your favorite color of nail polish. Apply three smooth strokes to your nails. One stroke in the middle and others strokes to rest of two sides. Wait for 5 minutes. Apply another coat finally.

• In the last apply a final top coat which prevents your nails from chipping and drying your nail polish quicker.

• Do not touch any things until your nails get dry. Wait for 15 minutes to let them dry.


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