A man’s guide to smart casual dress code

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A man’s guide to smart casual dress code

A man's guide to smart casual dress code
A man’s guide to smart casual dress code

What is business casual?

Business casual means a dress code for the offices that is less professional and more like a casual dressing. It’s not just about wearing a black suit or a tie and create a monotonous look. It’s more like to maintain an alluring personality in your offices by following a smart casual dress code. Many people are adopting it to stay comfortable while working and to look fashionable and stylish. No one has to worry now to dress professionally and follow the office dress code. Now they can follow a smart casual dress code and stop spending a lot of money on the expensive corporate attires and suitings.

What is the dress code for business casual?A man's guide to smart casual dress code 02

There is a great confusion about smart casual dress code for business and corporate men that what to wear or not. We have sorted out this confusion by describing the smart casual dress code below.

• Choose formal shirts:Choose formal shirts

First people have to choose shirts. The shirts can be printed or plain followed by a casual tie or no tie with open collars. The colors of the shirts can be white, green, blue, pink, etc. In prints, men can wear Twill, Oxford or Poplin patterns. Cotton shirts are more acceptable than other fabrics. Long sleeves should be preferred.

• Choose pants wisely:Choose pants wisely

Choose your pants wisely as it adds more value to your personality. Wear pants with dark colors like black, brown, etc., but they should not be bright like yellow, red, green, etc.

• Uppers:Uppers

Men can also add any king of upper which includes vests, blazers or sleeveless sweaters. Full sleeve sweaters are also acceptable. Men should wear a v-shaped sweater on a shirt. They can also wear a suit coat with contrasting color pants.

• Shoes:Shoes

Don’t forget to wear leather shoes and match your belt according to your shoe’s color. Shoes should be polished and not open.

• Accessories:Accessories

In accessories men can wear wrist watches, scuffling, belts, socks etc.

Don’ts of smart casual dress code:Don'ts of smart casual dress code

A man must have to consider and follow the following don’ts of the current smart casual dress code.

• Don’t wear half sleeve shirts as they look unprofessional.

• Don’t wear worn out shoes as they are not appropriate for meetings and interviews.

• Don’t wear sandals and sneakers they come under casual category.

• Don’t wear shorts and jeans as they are totally causal dressing.

• Don’t wear tight clothes like tight shirts and skinny pants as it gives a tight look to your legs.

Men don’t have to be bothered by professional dressing. They just have to dress like a business casual and maintain a look by following a smart casual dress code. They can go anywhere they want with the same dressing. They also don’t have to maintain separate wardrobes for offices and for other places. Now its the time to forget the suits and ties and dress more casually by following a smart casual dress code.

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