Beautiful and vibrant Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

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Wedding in Pakistan Beautiful and vibrant Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

Wedding in Pakistan Beautiful and vibrant Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

is a festive event. Not only it’s a biggest day for bride and groom but all other relatives, acquaintance and friends are equally excited and super indulge in making a wedding an unforgettable affair. Wedding dresses in Pakistan are famous for their traditional cuts, origins and vivacious colors. Wedding dresses of Pakistan are meant to be heavy, lively and traditional as they are the reflection of strong foundations of culture and sub continental weddings.

Trends and fashion of Pakistanis

Wedding in Pakistan Beautiful and vibrant Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

No matter how much we have become advanced in technology and modernism, when it comes to wedding, everyone likes it to be traditional desi wedding. From all the local food items to dresses, we Pakistanis prefer true, typical and hard core traditional details.

Ghararas and shararas are never out of fashion, these dresses are like the trademark of Pakistani weddings. A bride feels incomplete without wearing sharara or gharaara. Pakistani talented designers however have tried some creativity and innovation in conventional wedding dresses. New combination and contrasts have been trending along with latest fusion of cutwork, sequins and dapka that have gained popularity in past decade.

Tastes and preferences of Pakistani Brides

Wedding in Pakistan Beautiful and vibrant Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

As wedding day is a big day for both bride and groom. And being a girl it’s a dream of every girl to look absolutely stunning and dazzling on her big day. I can imagine how much fatigue she has to go through while making a choice for her wedding dress. Pakistani designers have somehow understands the mentality of brides so they have almost everything ready beforehand. However, one can also make an order for wedding dress and do her own designing, select her own color contrasts and style of the dress. As we know that in today’s world, everything become a trending fashion if one carries it with a class.

Colors of wedding dresses are always vibrant like red, maroon, blue, orange, rest, green and peach colors are in demand these days. However, other colors are also in trend but it depends on a person’s choice.

Essentials of a wedding dress

Wedding in Pakistan Beautiful and vibrant Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

  • The wedding dress have to be heavily decorated with sophisticated designs
  • It must have vibrant colors
  • The dress must look conventional, modern and trendy
  • The dress should complement bride’s personality
  • Despite of being heavily decorated, the wedding dress must be easy to carry
  • The fabric of the wedding dress must be soft and comfortable

Sometimes, it is preferred to have a heavy duppatta and plain shirt and rarely does it happen that bride prefers to have heavy kamdaar shirt and light work on duppata. Pakistani designers have known the psyche of brides way too much and they always have designs, colors and cuts for each and every person. One can also mix and match some designs by introducing self-creativity and innovation in the dress. It is not necessary to wear heavy and expensive joras from renowned designers and brands. You can have a beautiful wedding dress in low budget as well.

Whatever you wear, wear it with happiness and pride. May your new life will be beautiful as your wedding dress.


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