Best Home Remedies For Good Hair Growth

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Long Hair and healthy hair are the symbol of beauty and the youth. Some are blessed with good healthy hair naturally and some are unlucky for this. Everyone either women or men want to get glorious growth of hair. Damaged and weak hair affects a lot on the beauty and attraction of a person especially the women. If you are beautiful by face and unluckily haven’t good hair then you are not completely beautiful and stunning.  Your health and diet affect a lot on your hair growth directly. If your hair growth is suddenly decreased, then it must be due to your bad health or unbalance diet. Visit your doctor first and get treatment for getting good health, and after recovering by health problem your other problem like hair growth, skin problems and other will be resolved.

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In case if you have a good health and you are not blessed with good hair then you need to apply some tips or recipes to get good mane of hair for gorgeous looks. Here are some natural hair growth tips to get beautiful hair.

Banana Mask For Hair Growth:

banana mask for hair growth, hair growth tips, tips for healthy hair

It very simple mask for faster hair growth and beautiful hair. Get a ripe banana in a bowl and mash it with folk and make its proper paste. Apply it with scalp brush and cover your head with a hot towel for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with fresh water and try this mask once in a week to get good results.

Olive Oil And Ginger For Hair Growth:

olive oil and ginger for hair, hair care tips,hair growth tips

Crush a piece of ginger and add it to the appropriate amount of olive oil enough for hair. Heat the oil on the stove for five minutes and cool it to apply into the hair scalps. Wash your hair with good shampoo after two hours and use this tip twice in a week get healthy and sound effect for your hair growth.

Aloe Vera, Onion And Black Pepper For Hair Growth:

aloe vera for hair growth, aloe vera for hair home remedies

Take two Aoe Vera leaves with it skin and grind it well to get proper liquid paste. After taking this paste with same amount of water and heat it till remain half. Add some crushed onion and whole black pepper and heath it again for five minutes. Drain the mixture separate the mixture and after that store into the bottle. Apply this mask once in week before bathing.

Henna And Lemon For Hair Growth:

henna and lemon for hair, henna and lemon juice for hair

Henna is good conditioner for hair, make the proper henna paste and add few drops of lemon in it. Apply it for some hour and wash it off with fresh water. Apply it after every 15 days and get smooth, silky and shinny hairs.

Coconut Oil And Avocado For Hair Growth:

coconut oil and avocado oil for hair, hair care tips, tips for healthy hair

Coconut oil and avocado is best for hair growth home remedy and for healthy hair. Apply coconut oil and avocado into your hair and give proper massage for 15 minutes and leave it for two hours into hair. After that, you can wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. Take massage of this mask before taking a bath to get healthy hair.

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