Color your lips with bright elegance

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Color your lips with bright elegance

Color your lips with bright elegance

A woman’s look without lipstick looks utterly incomplete even if she is wearing a great outfit. So, the most important part of one’s makeup is lipstick which makes you standout distinctively from others. But the important thing that girls must keep in mind is that their lipstick color must complement their dress and it should be according to your skin tone.

Color your lips with bright elegance

When you visit a cosmetic shop, the first thing that gets attention by you is lipstick stock of different brands lined together. When girls start selecting lipsticks for them, they spend a lot of time in search of appropriate color for their selves.

Color your lips with bright elegance

Your selection of shades depends upon your skin tone and the occasion for which you are going to color your lips. If your skin is bright then very light shades won’t suit you. You must select medium shade like light but not so light color. You can select peach color, dark peach, and dark pink, shades of orange (which have been in the fashion since last year).Red shade may suit you but if chosen properly or in combination with other light colors.

Color your lips with bright elegance

If your skin tone is medium then red will suit you a lot but with the condition of appropriate selection. You will look good with light brown and dark peach but avoid shades of bright red which won’t suit you at all. So, of you want red lipstick then go for dark shade instead of bright.

If your skin tone is dark then light colors are not for you. Dark colors like purple shades, dark brown, or dark peach will suit you. Shades also depend on occasions like for casual wear girls usually go for light colors especially peach is favorite of every one. And for night parties or weddings, dark colors are preferred more.

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