Cows Ice Cream

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Cows Ice Cream

Cows Ice Cream
Cows Ice Cream

Cows is actually an ice cream company and series of ice cream parlors. Cows was first time found in 1983 in prince Edward island and it has been further modified with cow themed merchandise and cheddar cheese. Cows was recognized as best ice cream of Canada in one of conducted survey.

Ice cream

Cows manufactures about more than 32 kinds of ice creams which also include the Freckly Frenzy. Other variations are moo crunch, wowie cowie and gooey mooey etc.

Cows ice cream expanded and prolonged its brand to unique cheddar cheese. The modification came into being when the owner of cows had a visit to Orkney Islands in Scotland. Linkletter was extracted by local partners who had given the recipe to the owner which was then become base for cows’ signature cheese.

Cows also provide Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar about in ten kg wheels and preserve it for approximately twelve months. It has got the name of “clothbound” due to its wrapping pattern that is in cheese cloth and was originated in Somerset (England) also know as town of cheddar. The name “Avonlea” appear from the connection between Anne of green gables and price Edward islands.  Beside this, it has also won the 2nd prize of its category in Chicago.

Cows manufacturer markets their stuff on merchandise of cows ice cream themed which are mostly copy and parody of some movies like cowy potter/dairy potter and pheonex udder and some other popular tv series for example “trailer park cows” etc.

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