Designs of Abayas

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Designs of Abayas
Designs of Abayas

Designs of Abayas

Abaya is the true beauty of a Muslim woman. It is a loose garment that covers the whole body except the face, hand and feet and is often worn with a headscarf. The designers are experimenting with its form and style and have created abayas that are chic and sophisticated.

Traditional abayas are black but these days there is a wide range and variety of abayas in the market. Abayas are becoming more and more fashionable and stylish that even the youngsters are finding them exciting to wear. These abayas are comfortable and stylish.

The styles and designs of abayas in the market are unique and sophisticated. There is such a great demand of stylish abayas these days that many designers have produced and launched designers collections of abayas. This long flowing garment has a great margin for the designers to experiment and produce different variety and styles.

The women have the opportunity to choose different styles and designs of abayas in the market and they feel confident and bold wearing them. The women look more confident, classy and fashionable even if they are wearing abayas.

The abayas come in different materials like crepe, cotton, silk and lace. They are embellished with Swarovski stones and other precious gems and stones. There is embroidery on cuffs, collars or in the front to make them look more stylish. To make abayas look like a complete attire, there are other accessories like footwear, brooches and handbags to go with them. We can say that now abayas are no more a burden for the women. They are exciting and comfortable to wear.

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