Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes

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Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes

Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes
Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes

Smokey look are great for every occasion. Whether it is an every day event or some special occasion, Smokey look is just perfect to steal the thunder and make your eyes sparkle. The best part is that it works perfectly for all eye colours, all you have to do is pick a shade that goes with your eyes and start with the look. Blue eyed girls do not have as much choice as brown eyed girls when it comes to eyeshades, opting for darker and sparkly eyeshades make blue eyes look beautiful and prominent. The choice of makeup greatly depends on your skin tone as well. People with lighter skin tone should opt for lighter or less intense eye makeup whereas people with darker tones should do the opposite. Here are a few steps to guide you through.Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes 00

1. Step One : the initial step to a perfect Smokey look for blue eye is to apply base. It not only makes the applying for makeup easy but it also makes the look last longer. Nobody wants to roam around with the makeup smudged all over their face. Apply the base evenly all over the eye and concealer underneath the eyes.Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes 001

2. Step Two: apply black soft pencil or liner on the upper and lower eye lid. Smudge it evenly with the tip of your finger or with a smudge brush. Make sure it is darker on the bottom and gradually fades out as you reach the middle of the eye. Smudge the lower lid as well.Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes 002

3. Step Three: now, you have to decide which colour to opt for. The choices available

to blue eyed girls are orange, grey, taupe, brown, purple, silver, and violet. Apply the chosen eyeshade on the middle of the eye and blend it perfectly with the pencil. Use a brush and fill out the crease of the eye as well. You can even apply two different eyeshades to make the look more dramatic. Apply the eyeshade dark or light depending on your skin tone.Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyesb 003

4. Step Four: Apply the black eyeshade on the outer corner of your eye and smudge it well with the other eye shades. Apply it along the crease line and blend it inwards towards your inner corner of the eye. Take a smudge brush and blend all the eyeshades together without leaving any hard lines or edges. Blend the lower lid as well.Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes 004

5. Step Five: Apply the highlighter. You can use a white of beige highlighter depending on your skin tone. Beige works perfect for blue eyes. Apply it on the inner corner of your eye, on the inner corner of lower lid and right under your eyebrow on the brow bone. Blend it well. This makes the eye look more prominent.Glamorous Smokey Look for Blue Eyes 005

6. Step Six: Apply a thin layer of eyeliner on your upper lid till the end of your eye. You can skip the liner part if you want to. After this apply mascara on your upper and lower lasher handsomely. This makes the eyes look very pretty and big. To add on some extra dramatic effect you can apply fake eye lashes as well.

With six simple steps the look is complete. Apply base on the rest of your face according to your skin tone and go for lighter shades in the lipstick. Baby pink and nude are the best options to pick form.

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