Great Apps for College and High School

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Great Apps for College and High SchoolBack to college doesn’t means going back to the world of textbooks, notebooks and books; it actually means picking up some great apps for I Phone or android phone that can make your study time entertaining and fun. Before you fill up your bag with books, lunch box and pencil case the most important thing is to load your smart phone or tablet or I Phone with best and educational apps which are going to be very helpful for New Year and will help out in increasing pool of knowledge alongside full time entertainment. Some of the best apps of 2013 for college students:

Here is the detailed description of some of the best apps of 2013 for students which are going to be very productive for you through your daily routine of studies:

Wunderlist:Wunderlist HD For iPad

This is a free app which supports I Phone, I Pad, android and windows phone as well. Features of this app include making to-do lists on daily basis, organizing data, sharing lists, writing down notes and listing up reminders.

Digital tutor:

This app helps you to get more information about math, English and other major subjects. Features of this app also include suggestions for making projects.

This is by far the best app you can get. Features of this app include definitions, synonym, antonym and all the spelling along with related information about the difficult words you went through reading your textbooks. This app will definitely solve up your word meanings problem.


Before making any of your home task or project this is a must go through Wikipedia app for getting information about your assigned project topic. If you are going to write on the topic for the very first time so Wikipedia will help you as a friend at that time by giving you all the possible related information which will allow you getting highest grades among your class fellows.


This is a free app which allows you access to books on any e-book platform. Along with giving access to books one of another best feature is that it bookmarks and highlights your favorite topics. It is and easy and cheap way to read novels and textbooks also.

Google drive/docs:

To me Google drive is the most helpful app, it allows me to save my important files in my

Android /smart phone / I Phone and I can also download attached files of my e-mails directly in my smart phone just because of this amazing app.

Grades 2:

For every student this is the most helpful app, as every student waits for his/her result anxiously. But now you don’t need to wait for result made by your professor you can easily make your result and grade by using this app. Instead of waiting for your teacher’s grade you can calculate it yourself just by clicking a button, and all your tension is gone!!


This app helps in heading through the latest and toughest math formulas which are difficult to learn but you can easily go through them just by one click.

These apps are really helpful in enhancing knowledge of students which in turn awards them good grades.

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