How to properly take care of women’s sweaters

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Whenever winter comes even the most famous and fashionable fashionistas have one thing besides style in mind: warmth. We all want to feel the warmth and generally to enjoy a warm atmosphere these really cold days, mainly to feel better after the cold and dull days that are so common at this season. Women’s sweaters are among the most cuddly and “loveable” clothes in our wardrobes and are definitely the favorite winter clothes of many women all over the world. No other winter clothes can bring you warmth – both metaphorically and literally – like sweaters, which is why I am sure that we all have at least one favorite in our closet.

Sweaters are not just very practical and warm clothes, they are also very important fashion items, and they keep becoming more and more popular as time goes on. If you want to choose quality women’s sweaters visit toRouxo one of the most famous online clothing eshop. Winter after winter we keep seeing sweaters on more and more people both on casual as well as formal occasions. In other words, sweaters can be the main element of many winter and even autumn and spring outfits and looks, as long as they are combined with the appropriate clothes for the best and most fashionable results. This means that your favorite women’s sweaters with little imagination and attention can turn into trendy fashion items and help you put together winter looks and outfits that will definitely not go unnoticed.

The problem with sweaters however is the fact that they can be a bit “fragile”. To put it in other terms, sweaters need to be taken properly taken of, otherwise they might end up looking old and just not fashionable enough. So, if you would like to keep your favorite sweaters always look as new and “fresh” as possible, just read our tips!

– Make sure that you carefully read the label that is sewn on your sweater. This tag usually provides you with very specific and important instructions on how to take care of your clothes and they are especially important when it comes to sweaters. The tag will pretty much tell you everything you need to know regarding how to wash it and how to iron it. Whenever you buy a new sweater, have a look at its label and if the instructions are not clear then don’t be ashamed to ask any questions that you might have to the salesman or the vendor.

– In most cases, it is absolutely safe to wash your favorite women’s sweater. Typically, if its composition is “Synthetic” or “Wool with Synthetic”, you can wash it in the washing machine using the program for synthetic or mixed garments. However, if your favorite, cuddly sweater is “100% Wool”, you should definitely avoid washing it in the washing machine unless the label with the washing instructions, mentioned above, states or shows that you are allowed to do so. Most sweaters are made of wool fabrics which means that it is both better and safer to wash them by hand, but if you are not absolutely sure about the composition of your sweater, then the best thing to do is to hand it over to a dry cleaner who will know exactly what to do and will take perfect care of it.

–  Before you hang your sweater to dry after washing it, it is good to remove as much moisture as you can beforehand, by wrapping it up in a dry towel. Avoid wringing your sweater, as this may break its fibers which in turn will make your sweater stretch and therefore lose its shape. After using the dry towel to take away some of your washed sweater’s moisture you should lay your sweater on another dry towel or on a flat surface with the sleeves spread out so that it will dry completely. Just make sure to lay it out gently and get it in the right form before you let it dry.

-It is good to let your sweaters get some fresh are often and especially after you wear it for a meal. If your sweater gets dirty you should try to clean the spot that got dirty as soon as you can. Before putting your sweaters away when spring comes and the weather gets better and hotter, you should wash them thoroughly using a fabric softener.

-Sweaters should always be kept folded on a flat surface. Do not let them hang on a hanger, because they will curl and lose its shape. When you store your sweaters until the next winter, it’s good to place them in cloth bags so that they can be aired. You can of course store them in plastic bags, but you have to be absolutely sure that us has no traces of moisture in it. It goes without saying that you should use some moth repellant to keep the insects that feed on wool sweaters away. There are many new products with lavender or flower scents that keep the bugs away and smell way better than camphor or naphthalene.


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