Keep your feet pedicured

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Keep your feet pedicured

If you are wearing a perfect outfit for some occasion, you have a fabulous jewelry to wear, you have done your makeup perfectly and you have some designer shoes to show off but it all will be ruined if your feet are not properly pedicured. This is the importance of pedicure which can’t be over looked.

Keep your feet pedicured

Pedicure is also good for medical purpose as it cleanses the nails and removes dead cells from your feet. A lady can simply not forget to get her feet pedicure as it is almost equally important to manicure. If you think that pedicure is a hectic task then you are wrong it can simply be done in a matter of few minutes and even at home with some simple steps.

Here are some simple steps to tidy up your feet and make them look soft with the help of pedicure:

Keep your feet pedicured

  • First of all remove the old nail polish before starting pedicure on your feet.
  • Then cut your nails with good quality nail clipper, just cut them above the skin and don’t cut your nails too short.
  • Take a warm water tub and add some skin softening elements in it like oil and salt. Soak your feet in warm water for some minutes. Remember that if your feet are very much dry then keep them in water longer than usual to give a proper softening effect.
  • Use cuticle remover to the base of your toes in order to remove unnecessary skin without hurting yourself.
  • Keep your feet pedicured
  • Either use a foot scrub or pumice stone which will remove all the dead skin from your skin and will make your feet neat. Specially, focus on your heals while rubbing.
  • Then use a moisturizer or softening cream while massaging your feet and this will soften your feet a lot.
  • If you want then at the end you can apply some elegant nail colors which will further enhance beauty of your feet.

With all the above simple steps, you are done with your pedicure and ready to go out.

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