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A small piece of cloth which is worn by women to cover their heads is known as Hijab. Women wear Hijab because it is according to the teachings of our religion Islam. Allah has instructed in the holy Quran that both men and women should cover themselves up to some extent. The guidelines are different for both men and women. Women are not allowed to reveal any part of their body to a man whom she has no relation with. She should cover all her body except the hands and face. Some women cover their face as well with a nikab. Hijab is symbolic of the innocence and simplicity of Muslim women. A woman should not attract other men towards her by dressing in a way which is provocative. Allah has clearly told in Quran that Muslim women are the one who lower their gaze when they walk and cover themselves up properly. These verses make the wearing of Hijab compulsory for women. Hijab does not necessarily mean scarf which is used to cover the head only. In fact the term Hijab stands for many types of dressing which includes the Abaya or the Burqa as well. Abaya is a gown which is worn over clothes to cover the entire body. Burqa is similar except that it covers the face too. Today the trend of wearing Hijab has become very popular all over the world in Muslims.

This was some information about Muslims and the Hijab. Below Is Some Designs of Hijab.


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