Muslim women and the Hijab

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Muslim  women and the Hijab

Muslim  women and the Hijab
Muslim women and the Hijab


proper guidelines as Muslim women have been instructed in Islam to cover themselves in n appropriate way. There are to why and how Muslim women should cover. This is from where the concept of Hijab in Islam comes into picture. Hijab includes the different kinds of Abaya and scarves that are used by women to cover their body, face and heads. Most of the women wear abayas that cover the entire body except the head, hands and feet. The head is covered with a scarf and the face and hands are left uncovered mostly. Some women also strictly cover their faces and for that purpose they do nikab or wear the Afghani burqa which is a type of Abaya that includes covering for face as well. The woman wearing that burqa can see the outside world through a net in front of her eyes. Basically the extent to which a woman does Hijab to cover herself up is her own decision. It is not something to be enforced on a woman but it should be taught to her that what the purpose is of covering with a Hijab. It gives the woman a modest look and is worn so that a woman does not become the centre of attention of men where ever she goes. Hijab is a proof of the honesty and innocence of a Muslim woman.

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