Now People with Intellectual Disabilities Can Enjoy Financial Independence

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Do you know around 3% people in the world suffer from different kinds of intellectual disabilities, that may limit their abilities to make financial decisions and manage them in particular. They may have the potential to earn the livings but they do face cognitive challenges that makes it hard to manage the funds they spend, so the result is disastrous budget in the end. Even IT had been silent on such issue. Not a single App was there to help them manage their wallet. Here comes the CEO ReAble Emile Sawaya, who was pondering upon the same issue.

The idea came into his mind when he observed the problems his special needs sibling was facing. He has experienced the huge gap between his often mindblowing talents and the bottlenecks preventing him from realizing his full potential to develop into an integrated member of society. But once he met Paul (Co-founder ReAble) who is legally blind and witnessing first hand how technology has granted him independence, his fear turned to inspiration and ReAble was born.

ReAble is a global social enterprise whose mission is to provide universal access to the inherent right of financial independence through the use of technology and human-centric development.

So he made an extensive research and interviewed hundreds of parents, educators and industry experts across four continents, it became evident that the biggest bottleneck for true independence was the inability to manage their finances- even when they were able to generate an income. All that effort resulted in the launch of The ReAble Wallet.

The ReAble Wallet is the first ever mobile application which helps users with cognitive challenges track their finances and transact independently and safely. Powered by a unique tailored user interface that was built in collaboration with experts and countless iterations, Wallet guides users step by step through the process of conducting a payment using the optimal combination of bills at hand and then validates that the correct change is returned. So making things easier and simple for those who had been suffering from certain intellectual disabilities.

ReAble wallet also helps the parents or Guardians of the user to keep a track of all the transactions being made by the dependent user. Once any transaction is made the app informs instantly to the guardian/parent. So that enables them to to grant their loved one’s independence while maintaining the required safety and vigilance. That’s surely an exceptional feature missing from many other financial apps available online.

ReAble Wallet currently supports:

English,Arabic,French,German,Bahasa Indonesia,Afrikaans

And The Currencies Available Are:

United States Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars,Swedish Kroner, United Arab Emirates DIrham, British Pounds, South African Raands

ReAble believes in the #GiveFirst philosophy and as part of their community based approach they are offering lifetime access to The ReABle Wallet completely free of charge on the Android Play store to all users in your community during the first month of their launch in an effort to make sure that no one in need is left behind.


You Can Download The ReAble Wallet Here:

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