Perfect Vision With Laser Eye Surgery

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Perfect Vision With Laser Eye Surgery At Harley Street In London


Eyes are a unique gift, which most people take for granted. Not all are blessed with healthy eyes though, and different vision correction techniques are required to restore normal or near-normal sight. Laser eye surgery is one of the improved techniques that have been available to eye surgeons for about 18 years now. Different forms of Laser eye surgery are used, and LASIK is one of the most comfortable and quickest among them. It is also very popular and has a high success rate.

For people looking for optimal vision through eye surgery in London, the London  Surgical Eye Clinic at Harley Street provides some of the best treatments. They have eye surgeons specializing in refractive and corneal surgery to provide Laser eye surgery to patients with long or short sightedness, cataracts or astigmatism. Patients of all ages are treated here, and a full Pediatric ophthalmology service is available for children with any type of eye disorder.

Since each patient and each eye are unique, there is a requirement to provide the best of Laser eye surgery treatments. Not all patients are found suitable for the Lasik method, and eye surgeons resort to advanced methods of creating flaps with a precise surgical instrument. All options, pros and cons are discussed in-depth during initial consultations along with a thorough assessment with the specialist eye surgeons.

For those who are completely dependent on different pair of glasses or need Varifocals, the London Surgical Eye Clinic at Harley Street, London comes as a veritable boon. The laser eye surgery  offered is revolutionary and blade-free, eliminating the need for any type of glasses or contact lenses. People past their forties usually find the muscles of the eyes losing the ability to change focus, resulting in deterioration of vision.

Until now, the procedure for correcting both short and long sightedness simultaneously was the mono-vision or blended vision treatments. The results are neither ideal nor satisfactory. With Laser eye surgery, however, excellent balanced vision can be achieved for both eyes and for all distances. Eye surgeons treat each eye separately to reshape the individual cornea and create a customized profile for correcting vision for all distances.


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