The Top 10 Most Watched American TV Shows of the 2014

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Well, the second quarter of this year has been ended and the third one is just about to end. If you are still viewing the old American TV shows by having the re-runs, then now, is the right time to move further because there is a lot more to watch? That being said, the year 2014 has begun with huge hits for the viewers who are crazy about the American TV Shows. The TV Shows like True Detective and brooding atmosphere has entertained the viewers enormously. All things considered, for the American TV, this time can without a doubt be called as the golden era of the American TV.

Since it is not the end of year and the fourth and last quarter has yet to come so I will talk about the top ten American TV series that as of now have hit the little screen and those most anticipated TV shows that will hit the small TV screen before this present year’s over. All the standings are from the authentic references and listed till the third quarter of this current year. Presently, I am going to discuss the year’s top ten American TV shows that will hit the screen in 2014.

2014’s top 10 American TV shows:

So, here you are searching for the most anticipated top ten American TV shows of 2014, then, here I am going to rank the top international TV shows of America in 2014 that will hit the little screen in 2014. The total number of viewers is listed at the end of each listing.

  1.  The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 23.1 million
  2.  NCIS (CBS) 22.4 million
  3.  Sunday Night Football (NBC) 21.7 million
  4.  The Walking Dead (AMC) 18.3 million
  5.  NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) 17.9 million
  6.  The Blacklist (NBC) 16.9 million
  7.  Person of Interest (CBS) 16.2 million
  8.  Dancing with the Stars (ABC) 15.5 million
  9.  Blue Bloods (CBS) 15.2 million
  10.  The Voice (NBC) 14.7 million

 The above TV shows are the best predicted American foreign TV series that have hit the small screen. Moreover, on the off chance that you need to see a more extended list, then top ten, then you can subscribe to the TV guide Magazines to stay updated on the top and recent American international TV listings. You can additionally, Google for the latest and top TV shows whenever you want to know about it. But, be sure that you are using the most authentic reference sites to know the top standings.

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