Top hair Style in 2021

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Long hairstyles are definitely trendy and  if you get the right hairstyle and cut. If you have long hair then you need to know  that this year it’s all about  layers, shags and textures. Consider u cuts, v cuts,vintage braids, fishtail braids and ponytails  too.

If you have shorter hair. you should try the style of lobs aka etc. Below you find the most popular haircuts and hairstyles  for longer hair. That’s either thin,fine ,thick ,curly,straight or with extension.

Easy Hairstyle for long Hair 

Long hairstyles can be really gorgeous and it can get you a lot of attention.If you bored with it. However you may find yourself in a rut feeling hot and less than fabulous.Grab your hair ties. Bobby pins and barrettes and get hairstyle for long hair.

Long shag

This style of the 70s is trending again this year. That is iconic haircuts was the shag .For a modern take try this style for long hair. Instead of the classic mid or short length. To make it work for a face shape have the stylish cut and fringe.This style makes it perfect for square face. Add subtle highlights to compliment the natural movements in the long shag hairstyle.

Long hair braid 

There’s generally a braid for every function _and every hair length and type. Long hair suits braids because there’s more to work with so you can get creative. A ponytail is one of the most popular because it looks chic and simple to create. Start a french braid at the back of the head instead of the front or side and keep the tension reasonably loose for a relaxed. you don’t want the braid to look too neat or polished if you are not good braiding you can fake this look.


Natural long hair 

Natural looks gorgeous when worn long.To keep your mane healthy and make sure moisturize and don’t more wash.You can make a braid in a protective style. You can curl your hairs and cut out your hairs in different styles.Natural hairs is natural beauty.

Long Bun 

A beautiful look for every day.and the hairs are more important for every function. Bun hairstyle for long hair is simple easy and chic.So the bun is work the smoother hair texture so make sure you apply a serum on a fizzy and dry side.To get this style  you make sure your hair has some grip it to.Either wait until the day after the washed  it.Leaving some pieces of hair out to frame your face twist the rest of your hair up to make the bun than square with tie the bobby pin. and the bun is ready.

Medium Long hairstyles

Hairs that falls just below the shoulders is medium long. It has all the volume and weight of long hair.It’s perfect for square face or round face by drawing the hair down. you will be able to create hair beautiful like bob hall ,waves and braids.But your hair dry or a thick the  only thing to keep the mind your hair is creating different style and cut.

Short in the Front and long in the back 

The 70s inspired style is short in  the front and long in  the back. This is another style that takes an attitude to pull off a variation on the classic shag cut ,this hairstyle involves keeping the front layers more separate and defined. Leave the longer back layer to do their own thing adding a texture spray to encourage spray.

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