Abaya Designs with the Beauty of Color in them

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Abaya Designs with the Beauty of Color in them

Hijab and Abaya are two sacred things for Muslim women around the world. This was in previous days a necessity but now it is becoming more of a fashion with every new day. In old days, Abaya and hijab were designed very simply and almost every woman had the same kind of Abaya with the same traditional black color of Abaya. There used to be very plain styles of Abaya with no different button or embroidery on it.

Abaya Designs with the Beauty of Color in them

Now the world has changed a lot. Fashion has taken over every industry and every aspect of life. Now you would observe fashion in everything. As the whole world is about fashion now, so how could fashion leave Abaya and Hijab industry behind! Now if you want to buy an Abaya for yourself and head towards an Abaya stores then you would find a great variety of colorful Abaya design for sure.

Abaya Designs with the Beauty of Color in them

Even in fashion industry, there is a separate place for Abaya designs. Many famous designers have launched their collection of colorful Abaya designs. Now Abayas are not limited to the purpose of covering a woman’s body only as in this era, you can find some really fancy and colorful Abaya designs for weddings and for parties as well.

Abaya Designs with the Beauty of Color in them

You would have seen woman in weddings and other formal functions wearing amazing and alluringly stylish Abaya designs with a great variety of colors. If you want some great embroidery and stone work on your Abaya then you will get a lot of designers offering that service to you as embroidery on Abayas is in fashion now.

Abaya Designs with the Beauty of Color in them

Embroidery is not limited to only silver or golden color. You can get copper work done on your Abaya’s neck or any embroidery in any color. There is a huge range of Abayas with Hijab in a different color contrast with them. If you have a black Abaya with beautiful red embroidery on it then you can get a red Hijab for covering your head.

Abaya Designs with the Beauty of Color in them

If you want some really fancy Abayas then you can get full colored Abayas like full golden colored Abayas, full brown colored or full maroon colored Abaya which all look great and elegant on parties.

There are Abayas available with two layers in which upper layer is of lighter material and the layer below is of different color and stuff which looks really unique and attractive. Now even models walk on ramps wearing great colorful Abaya designs.

If you don’t want much fancy Abayas and only want to have simple Abaya designs for your work place or college then you can get interesting Abaya designs with stylish laces stitched on the Abaya borders, sleeves or on Abayas’ neck.

This emerging colorful Abaya designs are for everyone and girls are getting attracted to this trend a lot. So, go ahead and visit Abaya shops and get rid of old black Abaya design of yours. Find new Abaya color for yourself and enjoy the fresh trend of Abaya.


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