Decorating your House with Artificial plants

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 Flowers and greenery can make a home interior and exterior  feel fresh and lively. Plants are a good decorating solution when a living place is cold and impersonal.  Real plants are very expensive.  They take a lot of time to style the water and care for it. Fortunately , there are alternatives. Nowadays artificial  plants look like enough to be supplicating to households for every population. 

? You should leave your plants in prone areas where the water has been banned and discouraged.

? Do you live in an area with a too short growing season that’s too chilly to grow attractive flowers and trees?

Artificial plants could allow you to enjoy the beauty of flowers or greenery at home without the real living plants. Artificial plants can be one of the best tools for dezign schemes. There are many ways to incorporate silk flowers,Faux  trees, man made greenery and astro turf in your home and garden.

severe seasonal wreaths for a welcoming front door  year round

If you buy wreaths of real flowers, greenery replacement will enrich your florist but drain your bank account every season. But artificial wreaths are a long term investment. If you purchase spring and summer friendly floral wreaths, autumn themed wrests and winter themed wrests ,you can rotate three at season  change. That’s why your front door decor will always be pretty and timely.

Add potted faux trees flanking the home entrance 

Potted trees are beautiful trees. They can beautify the home entrance leading and charm the entryway. Faux trees are ideal for use in situations where there is no space for real trees to spread their roots.Real trees growing close enough to a home and the roots would interfere with the building foundation.

Use artificial  grass in your landscape design 

Using artificial plants is one of many ways to guarantee your landscaping is as low-maintenance as possible.One trendy way to achieve this is to install artificial grass. Some of the advantages of artificial grass are:

  • No moving is necessary which saves time and fuel.
  • No wilting issues ,so the lawn always looks  fresh and green.

Cover  unsightly cords, sockets are cables 

Another perfect way to decorate your home with artificial plants is to use them to cover the unsightly mess of electronics like cords, plugs or cables .

Artificial plants will force the eye to see the beautifully decorated area with its lush greenery and not those messy cards and plugs.

You would never know the silk plant  below is hiding in wall sockets.

I also love using artificial plants as a way to fill the top of my large pieces of furniture. This way,  I don’t have to worry about climbing up to take care of real plants. I used to place it on top of my china cabinet.It foils the empty space above any tall furniture.

Wall decorate with artificial plants 

I also love them for wall decor too, look at how they have transformed this room and added dimension and colour to their space as well. 

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