ABAYA STYLES | Fancy Abayas

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ABAYA STYLES | Fancy Abayas
ABAYA STYLES | Fancy Abayas

For Muslim women Abaya is a part of her religion and she should wear it to cover herself up properly as mentioned in the teachings of Islam. It is worn by women living in all parts of the world whether it’s a Muslim country or not. In Saudi Arabia you will notice nearly every other woman in Abaya in the mosque. But apart from being mandatory in religion, the trend of Abaya and Hijab is being spread gradually all across the world and women like to wear these things. It gives them a modest look and adds charm to their personality. When you go and have a look in the shopping centers, you will notice that there are proper shops for selling Abayas.  Abayas today come in all sorts of design and styles. Some of the latest Abaya styles are discussed below:-

Fancy Abayas

with the colorful These abayas have designs beads and glittering sequences including mirrors. They are very common in Dubai and Sharjah and women use them to wear to parties and weddings.

Abayas with Embroidery

Some of the abayas have embroidered work on the front or back. It gives them a less fanciful look. They can be worn in everyday life. They are quite common in Pakistan. So this was a little about latest Abaya fashion and style.


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