Acrylic nails vs. gel nails – difference and comparison

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Acrylic nails vs. gel nails – difference and comparison

Acrylic nails vs. gel nails – difference and comparison
Acrylic nails vs. gel nails – difference and comparison

Acrylic nails and gel nails are not very much different. They are both alike in many ways since they’re both artificial. Getting acrylic or gel nails is a lot trendy because many women can’t grow their nails long enough to make them pretty. Though acrylic and gel nails are artificial nails they are both different from each other. They have a few differences and then they are also same in many ways.

Differences of acrylic and gel nails

1. Appearance & Durability

Gel nails are more natural and look shiny as compared to the acrylic nails. If the acrylic nails have been placed wrong, they will look artificial however the gel nails give a natural and glossy look. Gel nails can give you an amazing look and look natural however the acrylic nails look artificial and give rough look. Acrylic nails last longer than gel nails but the best ones are gel nails out of the two.

2. Cost

Acrylic nails are cheaper than gel nails and gel nails will cost moderate but people go with the low price and purchase acrylic nails.

3. Application difference

Acrylic nails are pasted on the original nails. When the acrylic nail is pasted on your nail it takes some time to cure. When a gel nail is to be placed on your nails, a coating or base is applied to the natural nail and it cures with the UV-light however some gel nails also cure with gel activator and do not require a UV-light.

4. Removing

When removing the artificial nails, both require expert assistance. You can take them off on your own but this might not be as good as a professionals help.

5. Comfort

Acrylic nails are not comfortable and give itchiness on the natural nails. Gel nails however are like gel and are simple to apply and are best for use.6. FlexibilityAcrylic nails are hard and look thicker than gel nails. It can be bad for the nail if anxiety is shown upon an acrylic nail. Gel nails are like gel and are not hard to adapt.

7. Outcome

The often use of acrylic nails can bring out bad results to your natural nail. With constant use of water it can affect your nails and bring parasitic infection. If you apply gel nails with a proper preparation it might not bring any harm but constant use can make your nail lodge. When water is used it might cause contagious tainting.

8. Range

There is a very low range of acrylic nails because of the after affects and the harm it causes. There is however a long list of gel nails available which are different and bring better image to the nails. They are available in a lot of amount of styles and shapes and can be adapted in any form. The artificial nails do look artificial but you can make your gel nails look natural when you really want better nails and beautiful hands.

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