An Exclusive Interview with Erica & Melanie, the Co-Founders of USOM

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We recently had an opportunity of interviewing two very creative fashion designers and brand owners Erica Bigger and Melanie Powell. They are co-founders of clothing brand USOM (U slept on me).

Is there any story behind the launch of USOM?
In 2016 we were sitting in LA as two educated, young black women with extensive backgrounds in fashion. Even with living in a major city, we still could not get hired for jobs in our industry and it had become somewhat discouraging after applying to hundreds of jobs each week and not hearing anything back. We were having a conversation about how we felt “Slept On” in the fashion industry and really feeling overlooked and undervalued, the underdog. It inspired us to create an apparel brand that day…however we had to build it as a business first.

Tell us a little about your products?
We are an athleisure wear based lifestyle company with a focus on uplifting and empowering through fashion. With that said, we gear more toward a street wear influence where most of our products feature the our trademarked phrase “U Slept On Me ™” on the apparel somewhere.

Your top selling product?
Our top selling product would be our u slept on me dad hat.

What about your prices. What kind of customers are you targeting?
Our prices are affordable and most definitely reasonable for the quality that you are getting. We are targeting customers that like street wear, comfy wear, inspirational messages, who are stylish and fashion forward that want quality at fair/affordable pricing.

Do you ship worldwide?
We ship most places. Almost worldwide but not quite. We are available to most major countries.

Adding more products in near future?
Yes for sure we are adding new products in the near future. We do bi-monthly product drops so that our customers always have fresh options. We feel like we have so many other markets to touch!

What’s your main social network channel?
Our main social network as of now is instagram and Pinterest both @usleptonme.

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