Classy antique jewelry for classy women!

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Classy antique jewelry for classy women!

Ask a woman what she loves the most? Jewelry pieces will be the instant reply. And if the jewelry is antique then just believe that she will be ready to trade anything to get her hands on that unique ornament. After all, who doesn’t want to look different and aspiring wearing the antediluvian yet classy looking jewels? Let’s take a look around some of the most glittering antique jewelry pieces and feel the essence of ancient times.

Amethyst jewelry

Classy antique jewelry for classy women!

If you are looking for combination of roman and Etruscan archeological history then this jewelry is all you need. The perfect big round earrings with small circle in amidst fully covered with gold wirings along with golden grains give chills and one wants to grab it and wear it to feel the pleasure of antique jewelry.

Long necklace

Classy antique jewelry for classy women!

You must have witnessed the women of subcontinent wearing long necklaces on their weddings on special occasions. They might seem outdated but now they are considered one of the top notches antique jewelry designs. The square of circle shaped pendant along with two strips is ready to give glossy look. You can get any design engraved on it. Be it leaves or small petals the design is always appreciated by everyone.

Heavy jewelry

Classy antique jewelry for classy women!

Most women prefer to go for light ornaments but at first the heavier the jewelry was the more happy the girl seemed. Who can forget the princess diaries where girl was shown wearing antique jewelry. The finely decorated necklaces with gold and diamonds embedded among the different positions of necklace are always demanded by people who love antique jewelry.

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