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Crispy fish                                  Recipes - Crispy Fried Fish

This classic crispy fish required plenty of birdâ??s eye chilli to give it an intense heat that is tempered by the use of sugar

Servers 4
Ingredients: ( U can change with number of serves )
Tuna fish 1Kg
Salt          as p t
Vegetable oil    8TS
Garlic (chopped) 4 TS
Tomato (chopped) 6
Red chili (sliced) 4
Sugar          2 TS                                                                  Crispy Fish Fillets Recipe
Water      4TS
Corn flour   2TS
Spring onion (chopped)    4
Coriander (chopped) 4TS
Method for Preparation Crispy Fish:

1: Cut the heads of fish and slash the fillets on each side and season with salt. Heat half of the oil in a large frying pan, add the fish and pan-fry on each side for 6 or 8 min or until cooked.

2: Heat the remaining oil in a large pan; add the garlic, tomato and chilies and then cook over a high heat until the tomato have softened. Add the sugar and water and cook for a few mint until reducing water and it look sticky. Stir in the corn flour, onion and coriander, and cook for a few min.

3: Left the fish on to a plat and spoon the sweet, sticky sauce over the top and Crispy fish ready.

Serve the Crispy fish with rice and win the hearts with your love ones.

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