Dress for the Big Day – The Traditional Touch

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Dress for the Big Day – The Traditional Touch

Dress for the Big Day – The Traditional Touch

Everyone is well aware of girl’s nature to be touchy and extra caring about their looks. They follow every fashion or trend of makeup, dresses, jewelry and shoes to look modern and prettier. They can forget to breath but they will never forget to follow the fashion. This is so true that they spend their great deal of time on their dresses and other accessories. Whenever they hang out with their friends then they discuss their most favorite topic: Their Dresses.

If girls are so careful for designing their casual dresses then think how overly cautious they will be for their wedding dress? The answer is a thousand times more cautious than usually. This nature of girls is found in every culture because “Girls will always be Girls”.

Girls in Pakistan are no exception because they search every design on internet and every dress in bridal market to get an exquisite design for them. This extra care is due to the lime light they get on their wedding day.

Traditional Look:

Dress for the Big Day – The Traditional Touch

Let me tell you one thing that wedding dresses in Pakistan are the most pretty bridal outfits that you will ever come across in any culture of the world. There are many unique styles for bridal outfits for every day of wedding ceremonies but in all of those designs, you will always find one thing common and that is “traditional touch”.

This traditional look comes from the trend to wear heavily yet beautifully designed lehngas, shararas, ghararas and pashwas. The embroidery is the main thing that gives bridal touch to outfit but it doesn’t mean that color doesn’t matter. The other factor which contributes to the traditional touch is the color of the outfit.

Traditional colors:

Dress for the Big Day – The Traditional Touch

Mostly for wedding day, brides prefer to wear red color because it is considered to be the bride color. There has come a change in the trend of wearing red color necessarily on wedding day. Now brides prefers to wear red in combination of some light and cool color like skin color, green, light blue, purple or other which may look great in combination.

Simplicity in tradition:

Dress for the Big Day – The Traditional Touch

Bridal dresses for rasm-e-Hinna are stitched with a simple work of gotta-kinari and kiran. These dresses are designed simply and with the color combination of simple Mehndi colors which are yellow, green, purple, shocking pink and other light colors to give a bright look to the bride but simple.

Demand Outside:

Dress for the Big Day – The Traditional Touch

Demand of bridal dresses is not only restricted to Pakistan. They are also demanded outside the country. if you ask people of our culture living in other region that where do they prefer to buy wedding dresses or what kind of wedding dresses they desire to wear then 90% of them would answer wedding dresses in Pakistan.

Bridal dresses on ramp:

Dress for the Big Day – The Traditional Touch

Even bridal fashion weeks are organized in Pakistan where girls wear pretty and elegant bridal dresses to show the latest bridal designs. If you are a bride to be soon then go for the fashion weeks or if you cannot then you must switch on your TV and flip the channels to see exquisite bridal dresses. You will get a very clear idea of traditional wedding dresses in Pakistan.

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