Eye-Catching Dresses for Mehndi in Pakistan

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Dresses for Mehndi in PakistanIt’s a fact that everyone likes to look beautiful on the occasions of wedding especially on Mehndi. As the girls and boys are both curious about the clothes to wear on Mehndi even the children. Here the girls are really very curious about the clothes for Mehndi. Each girl wants to look more beautiful than any other girl in there. And for that different types of dresses are being wore by the girls some of which are trendy, others are classy, and some are of classic fashion which gives a stunning look of the beauties from the past. Along with the dresses jewelry is also very important which is mostly made from flowers to wear on Mehndi which are usually named as “gajrey” which are worn on wrists and on hairs, makes the girls look more gorgeous along with an artificial long hair pony on which small decorated mirrors are attached.

Dresses for Mehndi in Pakistan Image 01As Mehndi dresses in Pakistan are very important for girls, are also important for men. Men wear colorful clothes like “kurta shalwar”, “dhoti” with “peshawari” sandals or chappals. With all of these clothes men also put on a colorful dupatta which gives an excited look and suits the atmosphere of Mehndi.

Colors of Mehndi Dresses

Color Dresses for Mehndi in PakistanAs the color of mehndi is dark green and yellow, the atmosphere is also matched or contrasted with these colors so that it looks more attractive. Along with the atmosphere the colors of dresses are also matched with the mehndi colors to look more stunning. Mehndi dresses in Pakistan usually are of yellow, green and white which are usually taken as colors of joy. The sandals or chappals are also of very funky colors like red or yellow or golden with beads, but nowadays sandals or chappals are not in fashion instead of them girls used to wear “khusa” which gives a trendy look on the occasions like mehndi and mayo.

The dresses of men like “kurta shalwar” are of white color and there is also a dupatta that is worn which is usually of yellow, green or of red color.

Dresses names and their types

Color Dresses for Mehndi in Pakistan ImageMehndi dresses of Pakistan are usually made of cotton clothes. Mehndi dresses are of many types, some are trendy that are also known as evergreen whose fashions do not get old but is getting more trendy year by year and are always most likeable and worn dresses on mehndi, one of these trendy clothes is known as “Lehnga” which includes a top and a long enough skirt that touches the ground when worn, the other one is “Gharara” which is also with a top and with a pajama, which is loose like a frock from bottom, “frock” which is the most worn dress that includes a frock from head to toe and a skin fitting pajama which has almost double the length than required and is named as “Churidar pajama” which is made of silk. Mehndi dresses of Pakistan also include some clothes that are not in fashion but are worn by girls on which they suits like “kurta shalwar” with a shalwar that is named as “Patiala shalwar”.

Go on and rock this wedding season with these mehndi dress trends!

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