Famous Miley Cyrus Haircut And Hairstyles

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Miley Cyrus was known as Disney princess but, she is turned to a bad girl by chopping off her long hair looks to different style haircuts. Ladies are now idealizing her for haircuts for short hair. In fashion world she becomes an icon for short haircuts styles and girls copying her haircuts to looking like her. Here are some famous haircuts that are getting esteem in fashion industry and in women as well.

Short Straight Casual Miley Cyrus haircut

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This haircuts for short hair is look blond from the backside and having top length of hair long to cover the forehead. This is very short haircut with casual look and this hairstyle takes 10 minutes for styling. It will suit for oval, heart or triangle shaped face.

Medium Straight Formal Miley Cyrus haircut:

miley cyrus haircut bangs, very short hairstyles

This haircut is nice for formal looks with medium length of hair. This haircut has plenty of body and heavy top. Rest haircut has short flicks at the end of the hair. This haircut is good for round and triangle shaped face and it takes more than 30 minutes for styling.

Medium Wavy Casual Miley Cyrus haircut:

miley cyrus long haircut, haircuts for women

This is quite formal and stylish haircut with some wavy look. It is just with medium hair and loose waves at the ends of the hair to get blond and heavy hair look. Girls having oval or square face shape can adopt this haircut and it would take only 30 minutes for styling.

Long Straight Formal Miley Cyrus Haircut

miley cyrus haircut, haircuts for short hairMiley Cyrus haircut not only famous for short haircuts but, her long and formal haircuts are also enchanting the hairstylists. This long straight formal hairstyle has long wavy bow at the end with layers. One flick on forehead is giving very soft and formal look. This kind of hairstyling suits to diamond or oval shaped face and it takes half hour.

Long Curly Casual Miley Cyrus Haircut

haircuts for short hair, miley cyrus haircut

Miley Cyrus haircut goes for camera attraction in any premier or show and this time she introduced her new long curly casual haircut. She used striking in hair in darker tone. She used layer cutting and lose curl in all hairs. This hair style is good for diamond and squared shaped face and you can get ready within 35 minutes for any function.

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