Foundation and Concealer—Base Of Make-Up

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Foundation and Concealer—Base Of Make-Up

Foundation and Concealer—Base Of Make-Up
Foundation and Concealer—Base Of Make-Up

Makeup is an art which enhance the beauty and gives an attractive look. Many women are using different cosmetics items for a long time. Women waste a big amount of money to purchase many of the products of a same item; they have a collection of cosmetics but they have no idea about the main items of the cosmetics which they must have. If you want a perfect look you must have some important makeup products.

There is huge collection of foundation which makes everyone confused. It is difficult to choose the right one according to your skin tone and the type as well. Same case is with concealer as well. You have to determine your skin tone to select the concealer. Foundation and the concealer both are the base of your make-up. If these two things are mismatched with your complexion no matter how expensive they are you will not look natural. To get natural and attractive look you have to follow the following tips for your good base of make-up.


Foundation is base of your makeup if you choose the foundation which doesn’t suit on your skin type then you can’t ever get the perfect look. That foundation is considered best which makes skin tone and smooth. This kind of foundation provides a good base for your further makeup. Foundations are available in many colors and types in the market. It is most important in the selection foundation color to choose that color which is similar to your complexion. In liquid foundation always mix few drops of water and apply on the face with a sponge.

If your skin is oily; always use “oil free” foundations. “Moisturizing Foundations” give good results on dry and normal skin type. Try to use foundation that has SPF 20 or SPF 15 which makes your skin protected from the harmful sun razes and it helps to reduce the sun burn as well.

If your skin is facing acne problem then always use topical antibacterial lotion before the foundation. Use medicated foundation as non-medicated foundation is the worst one for the acne.

1. Concealer

Concealer has variety in colors and shapes. Concealer is used for different purposes such as concealing eye circles, acne and pigmentation.

To select a concealer you need to determine your skin tone first. Concealer is used in lighter shades than the natural skin tone. Use creamy concealer under the eyes. It is applied very nearer to the lashes line. Always start from the inside. Do not rub the concealer over and over it may produce the cracks.

For acne and dark spots dab the concealer on the acne and spots. Do not blend it rapidly. Concealer is well blended with the skin if applied softly. Do not ever blend the concealer with fingers on the acne. Use makeup brush for the concealer blending on the acne. Concealer is used before the foundation or powder. You can use foundation on the concealer as it gives an impressive look.

Some concealer comes in SPF s well which more useful to protect your acne and dark spots from sun razes. For getting good results you must identify your skin type if it oily then always use the oil free concealer and if it is dry or the normal one then choose moisturized concealer.

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