French Nails And Their Application

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French Nails And Their Application

French Nails And Their Application

For any event if you want to have a stylish and cleaned look of your nails, nothing beats an exemplary French nails trim. This style of nail trim is easy to do by yourself or relative at home. Pick a pale pink or clear base coat and make your tips pop with the help of white nail shine. For a striking and delicate look, let your nails become long or utilize gels or acrylics to extend them in no time. Give your nails stylish modern look by French Nails without spending heavy amount at salon.

How can we apply French Nails?

French Nails And Their Application

Especially for the girls going to colleges, universities and offices this new look of French Nails will add beauty to their hands and overall looks. It is very simple to apply French Nails. Anybody can easily apply them at home. Following are the steps to apply French nails and giving your hands a soft and attractive look.


French Nails And Their Application

  • Clear your old nail shine. Soak a cotton swab into some nail shine remover and remove your old nail shine. Be very sure about the fact that you have removed all the traces of the old shine. Note that the remover containing acetone solution may dry up your natural nails you may want to use the one having no acetone.
  • Cut your nails to give them a proper shape because French nails look just amazing with well-defined shape and longer length. You can give any desired shape like (round or square).

French Nails And Their Application

  • When you are done with cutting and shaping of your natural nails, file your nails. Now with the help of a nail buffer, buff the surface of your natural nails in order to apply French nails.
  • Dip your hands in a bowl full of hot water. This helps in softening the skin near the starting point of the nail. Keep your hands in hot water for two to three minutes. After doing this dry them with the help of a towel.
  • French Nails And Their Application
  • By pushing back the skin near nail, trim it with the help of cuticle cutter. Cut off the dead skin. Now apply cuticle oil to make the surface smooth one. Apply very few drops of alcohol on the nails.
  • Now you have to apply the base color which is mostly the pink or cream color. Coat evenly from the base to the tip of the nail.
  • French Nail kits are also available in the market, you can make use of that. Wait for some time until the base coat is dried up. Now apply the second coat.
  • French Nails And Their Application
  • Apply the white nail polish coat on the tips of your natural nails. Be careful while applying because you should apply them till the level of natural tip. Wait to dry them. You can apply it the second time if you want.
  • After all this, apply the last top coat, it will help you to protect the overall nail look.
  • Your beautiful French Nails are ready, are you ready for appreciation from others?
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