Haircuts for Long Hair

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Haircuts for Long Hair

Haircuts for Long Hair

Tapered Ends

Long layered cut minimizes the bulk and ensures you natural spirals from expanding. This horizontal layered cut begins from the level of collarbone at the back and remaining one at the front. In such a way when you put your hair at the back of your ears, you do not feel the frightened wedge shape.

Long With Tight Curls

Haircuts for Long Hair

This is one of the cutest haircuts for long hair. For this curly and wild hair style, you must have round layers all around your face and head beautifully blended that will lend weight excluding the appearance of heavy look. In this hair style you do not need to concern with shape of your face. You may go for this whatever faces shape you have. The trick is placing the layers on the side that is much longer.

Face shapes

Haircuts for Long Hair

Your face shape has a vital role regarding your haircuts for long hair. If you have square face, you will try to put down your firm angular jaw line. This can be achieved brilliantly by adding the texture in the form of choppy end or curls.

Haircuts for Long Hair

The oval shape faces often seem gorgeous almost in all haircuts but there is chance that their face can come out longer. So you must be careful by avoiding any kind of heights at the top of head. You should not go for blunt cut if your hair texture is curly or thick, you will show the appearance similar to that of pyramid!


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