Hijab in Islam

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Hijab in Islam

Hijab in Islam
Hijab in Islam


Hijab has a veil that covers head and chest which is particularly worn by Muslim women beyond the age of puberty in presence of adult men. Hijab has great significance in Islam. It is basically the covering of all bodily parts of a woman which may arouse instincts. Women are safe when they are properly covered from head to toe. Taking hijab is an act which shows obedience to Allah because it is ordered in the Holy Quran and Hadiths as well.  Wearing hijab is very important because it helps in preventing many indecent acts and thoughts.

Hijab keeps women safe from harassment and they feel secure. Therefore the women are encouraged to wear hijab. Hijab means different things for different people. For some women who wear hijab, it helps to retain their modesty and freedom of choice while for others it is a way of announcing their religious beliefs in the public and reject the western influence.

Wearing hijab also gives Muslim women a distinct identity as it is not recommended in any other religion. They don’t have to tell that they are Muslims; it is shown by their way of dressing. In this corrupt society wearing hijab should be encouraged. It is not just about covering a woman’s body but hijab of man’s eyes is also important.

Above all wearing hijab is something that is a pleasing act towards Allah and in return one earns blessings for wearing it. it increases the status of the women.


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