How to Get a Wrinkle Free Skin

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How to Get a Wrinkle Free Skin

How to Get a Wrinkle Free Skin
How to Get a Wrinkle Free Skin

As we get older our skin start too loose its elasticity and moisture getting more likely to have wrinkles. Several types of tools are recommended by skin specialists to tackle those small embarrassing lines such as Botox, creams and surgery etc. the best way is to ensure your skin protection naturally as it is. This article describes some beneficial ways to prevent your skin form wrinkles.

ÿ Try to avoid sunrays as much as you can. These sunrays activate the genes to encourage the wrinkle formation. These genes would otherwise protect your skin control the inflammation.

ÿ Eat and drink antioxidants containing food such as green tea, blueberries and pomegranates etc. antioxidant enable your skin to work against the radicals created by UV rays coming from sun.

ÿ Use sunglasses whenever go outside. It prevents the sensitive skin around our eyes from sunrays. It also stops eyes squinting that also cause wrinkles.

ÿ Sleeping on your back also put off your sleep lines that mostly turn into bad wrinkles.

ÿ Avoid smoking as well because heavy smokers are found 5 times more prone to wrinkles as those of non smokers. Smoking destroys collagen and squinting of your lips directly formulates wrinkles.

ÿ Manage your face expressions. More animations in your expressions cause more folds or creases such as squinting, frowning and eyebrows rising.

ÿ Be happy always. Do not worry and reduce stress. It is one of the most working solutions for

Wrinkles. Stress makes your skin weak and thin. Thin skin is more prone to wrinkles.


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