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Happy new year

New year, a beginning of new hopes and happiness.  A beginning to a new life, a hope for achieving new goals and accomplishing many tasks. Without any doubt New Year’s Eve brings joy with a bundle of plans and ideas for the coming year. Nations all around the world have been celebrating New Year for many centuries. The celebrations of New Year begin on the night of 31st December and continue till the early hours of January start. Parties, dinners, musical shows and family feasts are 1one of the most common ways of celebrating New Year. Special arrangements are made all around the globe to say goodbye to the passing year and welcome the New Year. Here are some tips to make your new year’s eve memorable.


new year Party

To make your evening more memorable arrange a party at your house. Create a party atmosphere by decorating your house. New year is all about celebrations so use bright sparkling colors for decorations like white, silver, pink, gold, blue and red. Decorate your house with combinations of colors choosing one color as a main color with that main color use different colors to add up the beauty. For example use a vase with flowers and candles that go nice with your main color but make sure that the colors must look pleasant to the eyes. Where there’s a party there’s food. Cover your table with your favorite color tablecloth. Decorate it with crystal style candle stands and use white plates and bowls for serving. Don’t forget the sweet in your special menu as the New Year is all about sweetness. A light music or your favorite song from the past year will do the rest of the job in making your night more beautiful.


new year dresses 2014

Choosing a dress for New Year’s party is a very special task. Try something new and glamorous such as a cocktail dress or a bright color maxi with a little sparkle and glitter. Choose something that matches your taste and the celebration too, something comfortable yet dashing. If glitter is not your type go with something colorful such as bright prints & patterns. Next step is to choose a shoe. Try to prefer high heels they‘ll give a party look to you. Choose something that matches with your dress for example if your dress is more shiny then choose a simple heel and of your dress is simple then choose a heel with a little shiny touch. Use accessories to give a finishing touch. A pendant with earrings and bracelet will do best.


new year Celebrations

At the end the fireworks will the best job in saying goodbye to the passing year and welcoming the New Year with colors of happiness and joy.

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