Katy Perry and john Mayer

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Who is unaware of the beauty queen Katy Perry? No one I know or probably there might be no one on this planet who wouldn’t know about Katy Perry. She is like a legend and a goddess. People praise her beauty and her amazing voice. She has sung such great songs and millions of fans die over her. She is the beauty queen and has a sensual voice that makes everyone fall in love with her. With such a great personality and beauty no one can stay single forever. Katy Perry has been seen dating the hot and amazing guy John Mayer. People simply love this couple and they have seen them together on every award show, movie and every other place they can be at.

Sources tell that Katy Perry and John Mayer are seen showing unconditional love in NYC. They have been dating for quite a while now and with their love increasing, they have been spending more time together. John Mayer has also dated a singing beauty ‘Taylor Swift’ before and knowing the fact, Katy Perry has never stopped loving him. They are together and love each other in the best possible way. After watching them show unconditional love for each other in NYC people say that they are meant for each other. No one actually knows how they will turn out to be but for now they are really in love.

Katy Perry has lately released her video for the song ‘unconditional’ and she says that this song is for John. They have been sharing a cute chemistry for a long time now and they will be seen together for as long as a few more years. This is what some rumors say but we don’t know how long this relation would go since we know about Katy’s exes and John’s too. Having a long list of exes doesn’t matter, what really matter is how sincere and loyal you are to the present. You should give your best to the one you’re with and try to make it last. If it doesn’t, at least you tried. Katy and John seem to be trying to make this relation work out and stay for quite long. They will be happy with the rumors of people and that they have been stalked.

Katy Perry and John Mayer aren’t bothered by the rumors that reveal a lot of secrets. All they care about is that they have each other to protect and they can count on each other. This love story is really cute and we wish them both a bright future ahead. Hope this relationship for both of them can work out and can last. After watching the unconditional love in NYC no one can say that this won’t last long. In fact people are really happy for the couple and want to see them together. You can pray for the couple and see how their love life turns out to be.


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