Laila Is Leaving The Rudra’s Haveli Soon

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In the famous show Rangrasiya, currently with entry of Laila. Rudra is uncomfortable with the situation and not willing to let Laila stay in the haveli regardless of the enemy’s men being after her. He is totally in love with Paro and does not want to take any risk that Laila might harm his wife with her evil plans. He knows that Laila is not what she is pretending to be in front of all family member and specially with Paro.

Paro convinces Rudra to allow Laila to stay with them to give her protection from the Tejawat. At first, Rudra was confused about whether to allow her to live with them because of his 8 year sexual relationship with her. He was afraid that Paro will get hurt upon hearing the truth of their relationship. But later, he confessed to Paro about his and Laila’s physical relationship to avoid any misunderstanding between Paro and himself. Preferring that he should be the one to inform Paro rather than hearing from anyone else. Paro reacted in shock and pain to hear from Rudra’s lips the truth about his sordid past


paro and rudra hot romance, laila and rudra kiss

She stopped talking with Rudra which made him restless and not wishing to see her in pain and her take umbrage with him. Laila becomes happy with this situation and always trying to put salt on the situation and finds the time to come close to Rudra to show off to Paro that she is the one to better understand him than then her. Rudra organizes a “Katputli” show to perform at their home to surprise Paro and make her happy.

Paro secretly smiles when she realizes the effort Rudra has gone to to get the Kathputtli show and liked the way he cares for her. Laila gives money to the Kathputtli master to change the story’s ending to make Paro unhappy to see the tale end in a sadness. Rudra put a stop to the Kathputli play and gets angry upon learning about the story changing. Later, he finds out the truth, that Laila is behind this, he decides to remove her from the haveli. In next episode, Laila will thrown out of the haveli by Rudra and then she will be plotting her next move.

Laila’s evil will try to dream up a plan to get Rudra back in her life. Next Laila will use Sumer and play fake lover drama with him to get back to the haveli. Laila will plan to comeback and separate the Rudra and Paro. Rangrasiya is getting more popularity day by day and this week its TRP beat Beinteeha and Madhubaala TRPs. Let see what will be next and what new twists we will see on the show


laila and rudra rangrasiya

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