Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

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Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

Abaya is an Islamic wear for Muslim girls as they must cover their overall body. Muslim women cover their heads with stylish and colorful hijabs. Abaya and hijabs are traditional wear in Arab countries where ladies innovate new styles and ways to comply with Islamic teachings and be fashionable at the same time.

Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

Gorgeous abaya styles are very famous these days and variety of designs and colors are available in the market. Muslim women wear abayas in their daily routines and on formal gatherings and wedding events as well. Here are some amazing latest abaya styles for all women and girls who want to look unique and stylish in their abayas and hijabs.

Front open abaya design

Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

Abayas with little bit of creativity and style looks fashionable and make the wearer look confident and awesome. Latest front open abaya style is perfect for married women and teenage Muslim girls. It is simple and looks very elegant. A slight cut on the front of abaya showing the embroidered, contrast colored or printed cloth piece of abaya looks beautiful.

Long and wide abaya style

Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

These days’ Muslim girls love flaunty wide and long abaya that looks like a royal dress. Various colors and shades are available in market for this abaya style.

Belt style abaya

Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

Like skirts, maxis and long frocks where belts on waist or on stomach make you stylish and chic, same style is available in abayas as well. Muslim’s traditional and religious wear abaya has come up with various designs of belts that can be tied on waist. It not only looks pretty but also very stylish. Belt can be floral, pearls beads or leather depending on where you are going and what you are comfortable to wear.

Saree style abaya

Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

Sarree is a very popular wear for women and girls all over the world. Saree is a traditional Indian wear for women but now ladies all across the globe loves this outfit style. In abayas there is a new innovation in style where the abaya looks as if you are wearing a saree. The part of sarree that goes on your shoulder could be of any contrasting color. This abaya style comes under the formal abaya wear for Muslim girls.

Wide sleeves abaya style

Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

For sake of fashion and vogue, people keep experimenting with the outfits and their styles. This time its abaya sleeves, girls who wear abayas love wide and flaunty sleeves decorated with beads, pearls and sequins. Undoubtedly, it looks glamorous and very ethnic. Women all over the world loves this style of abayas.

Double cloth abaya

Latest Stunning Abaya styles 2016

Talking about creativity, double shirt abaya is one of its kind. The abaya has two layers of cloth, usually the inner one is printed or vivaciously colored while the other, the upper one is very thin or is made of net cloth stuff. Not only it looks pretty but also a perfect wear for formal gatherings. Further it can have bit of embroidery on sleeves or some kind of lace to give it extra edge in overall appearance.


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