Make Pores Smaller

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Make Pores Smaller
Make Pores Smaller

Make Pores Smaller

When your skin is exposed to outer environment including pollution and dust etc, your skin may suffer from several sorts of skin issues such as black heads, pimples and opening of your skin pores in your daily routine. You must care of skin every second when you are outside and even inside of your home. Heat exposure whether natural or artificial may cause un-tightening your skin resulting in opened pores.

This issue can be tackled by adopting following measures to make pores smaller:

• Use exfoliants which enable other skin products to function in an efficient way and able to get penetrated through your skin. Bad quality exfoliants must use about three time in a week. You can use weaker ones every day.

• Use a facial mask which suits your nature of skin. You can use once in the entire month. Steam facial can be given but only once a week to ensure skin safety.

• Applying a concealer is also one of the good options to take care of your skin and to hide the opened pored. Always go for a best quality foundation comprising sunscreen after concealer. If you want to have a matte effect, apply concealer by compact.

• After applying a foundation, remove it as soon as possible with the help of face wash and then go for a toner to make pores smaller. You must choose a face wash relevant to your skin. Never compromise for the product quality as it is matter of your skin after all!

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