Makeup Tips for Asian Women

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Makeup Tips for Asian Women

Makeup Tips for Asian Women
Makeup Tips for Asian Women

• The Right Shade of Foundation
According to beauty professional Bobbi Brown in her book, yellow-based foundations works best on Asian skin. “I have trialed with frequent foundations over the years and I have found that yellow-toned foundations always look the most natural specially on asian skin,” Bobbi Brown writes in her book.
• Don’t Skip the Eye Liner
It’s best to develop your natural eye shape. Eye liner is essential to help make eyes stand out. It is especially important to line the upper lids. There is no need to line the bottom lashes, but if you do, make sure the line is softer and gritty a bit with a finger. Never line the inside edge of the eye, it makes eyes show smaller. Ensure the liner is visible when eyes are open. If they are not, make the line thicker.
• Build on the Eyeshadow
It is best to layer and blend in several shades on the lids up to the wrinkle. Do not try to create a wrinkle by drawing in a darker line at the wrinkle, this can look fake.
Many Asian women’s look unbelievable with deep jewel colors brushed across their lids. You can get away with lots of gorgeous jewel colors with blues, greens and even purples.
Use the layering practice when applying eye shadows. Alwaysstart with a light base color, top with a medium color on the lid and then build onto this with a deeper color on the lid. It is important to merge so the eye makeup doesn’t look harsh.
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