Some Mind Blowing Body Paintings Awrtork Ideas!

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Body Paintings Awrtork

As Christmas is just around the corner body paintings is once again gaining the popularity. It includes face painting, full body painting or just having tattoos at your back. These paintings can last for hours or weeks depending upon the type you have opted for. It was initially started in Austria but wasn’t welcomed much at that time but after some years it got famous for the real fun people can do with it. We have tried to collect some of the most amazing and cool body paintings for its lovers.

Body Paintings Awrtork

It’s Halloween!!

Body Paintings Awrtork

Halloween is considered one of the most fun occasions. Making weirdly frightening attire is the goal of theme. Now what you can do here? You can simply get a pumpkin applied on your face or body. Instead of wasting money on buying suits or wearing red-tear eye hat you can get it painted on your face. Even full characters of horrifying witches can be drawn on your whole body. It will surely give the event a much life like feel. Children can have “chucky’s play” kid painted all over them and elders can go with bad spirits of “evil dead”. This will make your Halloween party much cooler and exciting.

Animal lovers!

1.     Cheetah:

Always wanted to run like cheetah? Now you can say thanks to body paintings. Have cheetah drawn over your body and feel like one. Just imagine yourself covered in yellow and black dots with fierce cheetah expressions on your face. Cool isn’t it?

2.     Pusheen cat:

Cats are adorable and lovely. Select the cat you like and have it painted on your face. This will be cute and entertaining.

These are just two examples of how you can get the animal drawn over you by body painting. Just scroll through your best animal pictures and look like one of them at art occasions.

Movie characters!

1.     Batman:

Who doesn’t love batman? Now you don’t need to buy the costume rather sit tight and get it painted on your body. Superman, X-man or hulk lovers can also follow the trend.

Get sporty in sports days!

1.     Flags:

Make your face or whole body painted with the flags of the team or the nation you are supporting. Show your support to them and immediately get noticed on the cameras.

 Tattoos time!

Body Paintings Awrtork

Along with body paintings you can also get tattoos on your body. Whichever you like! Be it small butterfly, the name of your lover or the chirpy little bird or the frightening skull or bullets. You can also have your face painted bearing cuts and injuries just like in action movies.

Body painting is not just for fun rather it is a combination of art and talent. Over 40 countries participate in annual body painting completion in Austria every year and win awards. This art can be used to inspire, infuse new vigor in people to enjoy life too by taking some time off from hectic schedule. This year have your favorite character painted over your body and feel refreshed and energized. Make the moments worth memorable.

Body Paintings Awrtork

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