Natural Masks and Precautions for Oily Skin

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Natural Masks and Precautions for Oily Skin

Natural Masks and Precautions for Oily Skin
Natural Masks and Precautions for Oily Skin

Face is the most sensitive part of the body which requires more care. More time and attention is paid to keep it fresh and attractive. There are few types of skin in which oily skin more common. Oily skin type is a problem for many of women young girls. Face always feels like oily. It is also difficult to make-up the oily skin.

Natural Masks

In the following some of natural homemade masks are given which are beneficial for oil control these masks work for to keep your skin fresh. All these ingredients are always available in your kitchen. They are inexpensive to prepare. They have no side effects.

1. Strawberry mask

• Take fresh six strawberries.

• Crush it with a folk.

• Take a tablespoon of yogurt in the strawberry paste.

Now make a creamy mixture of both. Apply it now face (avoid applying near the eyes). Leave this mask for fifteen minutes. Wash face with chilled water. If you are using this mask in summer then wash your face with cold water.

2. Oatmeal face mask

• Take two tablespoons of oat flour.

• Two tablespoons of honey

• Pour one tablespoon of milk as well.

Combine all the ingredients. Apply to face and neck. Leave it on the face and neck for fifteen minutes. Now rinse it with chilled water.

3. Cucumber and Porridge mask

• Take a small piece of cucumber

• A cup of yogurt and a cup of porridge

Mix these all and put them into blender. Blend the well until it forms like creamy. This mask absorbs the pollution from your skin and gives freshness to it.

4. Apple and Honey Mask

• Take a fresh apple

• Remove its skin.

• Cut it into thin pieces.

• Now mix three tea spoons of honey, blend these in the blender.

Now the mask is ready. This mask is very efficient to seal the opened skin pores due to this pores will be safe from the pollution, as this pollution causes the acne and some skin allergy. Precautions for Oily Skin

• Wash your face for three to four times in a day.

• Use lemon on the face to reduce the oiliness.

• Don’t leave the cosmetics on the face for a night it also causes the oiliness and

• Reduce oily food and fat from your diet.

• Do not have more tea or coffee.

• Add green vegetables and salad in your daily diet.

• Avoid spicy and fried food.

• Drink plenty of water.

Black heads.

As Skin produces more oil in teen age due to hormonal changes these masks and tips are very beneficial for girls and women. They are inexpensive and easy to make, Women having oily skin must wash face twice in a day. Oily skin faces more acne problems rather than other skin types due to moisturizer that is reduced by the skin. But if it is oilier then the normal one and facing acne as well then must concern to a good dermatologist. He will recommend you oil control skin toner.

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