Prevention of hair fall

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Prevention of Hair Fall Has Become Issue of the Decade

Prevention of hair fall can rightly claim to be the most discussed issue of this decade. A decade ago, women used home remedy and home based products on their scalp and hair, and resultant they didnâ??t face problems like hair fall and dandruff. The problem of hair fall is becoming so grim in the present day that it can even be termed as a mammoth monster for the young girls of today.

We are exposed to celebrities through different medium like internet, television, billboards, advertisements and numerous others. Their long, beautiful and thick hair makes us dream of hair like that. But in reality, we are facing the dilemma of hair fall, dandruff, split ends and dull hair. This results in huge discontentment in modern girls, and we hardly find only 1 or 2 girls in every college or university class who have adorable hair.

Reasons of hair fall:

Prevention of hair fall should basically begin by addressing the root cause behind the hair fall. As long as we do not cater to the reason behind it, and keep working on the surface area, it will all go in vain. So the first step in fighting hair fall is to find out the reason behind it, and the next logical step is to find out remedies that can nullify the effects of that root cause and cure the problem of hair fall.

Scalp care:

If our hair is weak from the stem, they will eventually find a reason to break off and result in increased hair fall. Hair basically sprouts from the scalp and as long as we do not make an effort to rectify the problems of damaged scalp, we cannot fight the problem of hair fall.

Scalp is the surface of the skull and it needs to be healthy and nourished in order to provide the required nourishment to our hair. All the food that reaches our hair strands comes through the scalp and thus special care should be given to it.

Oiling and massage:

Oiling right in the scalp helps make the scalp nurtured and in turn it reduces the hair fall. Every girl should massage her hair with oil at least once a week, and preferably twice a week. While mustard oil is more common, almond and jojoba oils are also healthy alternatives.

Olive oil massage is also proven to help against hair fall problem. Not only it hydrates the scalp with its moisturizing qualities but also promotes the growth of silky and strong hair.

Evade commercial products:

All the commercial products that we use on our hair these days tend to damage the hair making them weak and consequently they fall and break off. Try to use natural ingredients that promote healthy hair. Yogurt and raw milk are two of the primary sources of protein for the hair. Use them regularly to back off hair fall.

Healthy lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle also plays an important role in stopping hair fall. If you develop good habits like proper and nutritious diet, maintaining proper hydration level, adequate sleep and tension free life, it will naturally have a positive impact on your hair too.

All in all, prevention of hair fall has a lot to do with the overcoming the reasons of hair fall. If you cut down the reasons of hair fall, soon you will have long and shiny hair that everyone will envy.


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