Robert Pattinson And Katy Prey Are More Than Just Friends

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At Coachella Robert Pattinson and Katy Prey were spotted together at the party. To see them together and dancing together on the ramp and sizzling chemistry was showing their closeness. Now there are some rumor also about their friendship is now on the other relationship angle. Robert Pattinson and Katy prey fans are looking forward that when this rumor will become true.

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On this buzz Kristen’s fan and media also want to know the feeling of Kristen about the Robert Pattison and Katy Prey more closeness.

Kristen Steward close fan shared about the feeling of her to them together at Coachella party that,

“I don’t think so that Kristen Steward is feeling bad to see Robert Pattinson and Katy Prey together in the party. She knows well that they are good friends and she wants to be there in the party but work is important for her”

But all Twilight fans knows that these lovers relationship looks mere distant now and fans know that Kristen steward would not be upset  to see Robert and Katy into the relationship now.

Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry Together:

First time it is looking that Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson relation is on ending edge. Some eyewitness also shared their views to see Robert and Katy together into the Coachella party when they saw them behaving more than a friend.

One party attended shared his views about them that

“He planted it on her. At one point, they held hands. He was like a puppy dog around her.”

Some laughed on our question and they said all know that this relation wont work for them, if there is something between them.

It is also surprising that from the long time Katy Prey never said about her and Robert Pattinson friendship relationship and her fans are desperately looking for the news to their relationship.

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