Salma Hayek- A Charming American Star

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Salma Hayek- A Charming American Star

Early life

Salma Hayek also formally known as Salma Hayek Pinault was born on the 2nd of September in 1966. She is a Mexican-American film star, former model and a producer. She began her career in Mexico by working in a film for which she got nominated in Ariel Award. She then moved to Hollywood and gain popularity with roles in movies including Wild Wild West, Dogma and Desperado.

Personal life

Salma Hayek- A Charming American Star

Salma Hayek is a much naturalized citizen of the United States. She is a Yoga practitioner. Salma Hayek was raised as a Catholic, but she said that she is not very religious anymore and do not believe in the churches but still believes in God and Christ. She got engaged to a French billionaire in March 2007. She gave birth to a daughter in September 2007. Salma Hayek got married in 2009 in Paris. She got the second wedding ceremony in Venice.

Honors and awards

Salma Hayek- A Charming American Star

Salma Hayek got many awards including Woman of the year award, celebration of diversity award, artist of the year award and most influential Hispanics. In July 2007 Hayek got the fourth rank in inaugural Latino Power 50(a list in which the most powerful member from Hollywood Latino community are listed) by The Hollywood Reporter.

She was also found to be the most “sexiest celebrity” among all the male and female celebrities in the same month. Salma Hayek was also awarded for the innovation and excellence in her creative work in the film Lucy. She was also nominated for the outstanding guest appearance actress in a comedy series.

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