Sonia Ahmed, launches Mr. Pakistan World Website

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Sonia Ahmed, launches Mr. Pakistan World Website
Sonia Ahmed, launches Mr. Pakistan World Website

Mr. Pakistan World


President of Mr. Pakistan World competition for Pakistani models from all around the world, Sonia Ahmed, stated that her company Touchgate Global Inc. launched a complete website for the 2 year old competition. The â??All Male Model Competition for Pakistanisâ? was launched by Sonia Ahmed in 2011. Ahmed said, â??When I started the pageant for the boys, I was not ready for it  and I just tried it out. In 2011, we did not have a complete set up for the competition and I did not know what direction it would go, but I still moved forward with it.â?

In 2012 a few companies came on board to support the Pakistani male model competition but for the year 2013, sources confirm that the event will go full fledged as a complete competition, where contestants are coming from USA, Canada, Australia and Europe! Sonia Ahmed added, â??The contest is for Pakistanis from all over the world, and it is held in Toronto, Canada. The reason I hold it here is because Canada is very diverse and it has a large number of Pakistanis who reside here and itâ??s very close to the USA as well as UK, where again there are a lot of Pakistanis residing.â?
Ahmed also added, â??Everything takes time to grow and the Mr. Pakistan World competition is still in its baby stages, and itâ??s not as big as the â??Miss Pakistan World competition.â? Even Mrs. Pakistan is bigger than the Mr. Pakistan World and it will take a couple of years for it to reach the level of the Miss or Mrs. Pakistan World pageant.But I am happy that the struggle has taken a complete 2 years to stabilize and I am content that the website is finally launched.
Sonia recently launched her own site as well Sonia Ahmed Official, as well as Mrs. Pakistan World Sonia said, that she was very happy that all three pageants for Pakistan are moving forward despite the political and religious struggle Pakistan faces. She also added, â??Pakistan is a country that has all sorts of issues, and we are a young country that is experimenting almost everything. I want to let the contestants who come into the pageant understand one thing and that is to either come in fully prepared for what a pageant is or else to look else where. I believe in going forward whole heartedly rather than trying to just come in for the doing the event for one day. As the pageant is a one year process for the winner. I hope contestants understand that. Other than that I am looking forward for a new year, and hopefully better year!â?
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