The Art and History of Henna as Bodyart

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The Art and History of Henna as Bodyart 

The Art and History of Henna as Bodyart
The Art and History of Henna as Bodyart

Every girl or woman wants to look beautiful from top to bottom in every special occasion and without the application of Hina her beauty cannot be completed, so in simple words I can say that Hina is an important accessory to compile the woman’s beauty. History of Hina is very old. That time, when human beings came to realize about their beauty,

Hina was included in their beauty enhance accessories in the early age Hina was used by man and woman. Man used it for hairs and feet but now woman and girls use Hina to decorate their hands and feet.

Every special occasion like festivals, marriages and functions are considered incomplete without Hina. Women and girls of all ages very fondly apply Hina on palms, upper side of the hands, arms and feet. In fact now a day’s special Hina artist are hired on special occasions for Hina .they make the hands more beautify and awesome different methods and tools are used by these artists to make Hina more attractive.

Different styles of Hina are very popular now a days like glitter Hina looks very beautiful for night function but old is gold so original Henna is still popular among females. Now a days different institutions are also offering courses to teach Hina designs. Hina designs are becoming very popular in the Middle East and Europe. Hina artists from Pakistan visit these places and entertain them. With the passage of time styles and methods of Hina are changing, but the craze of Hina and it’s important in occasions can never be changed,


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