The Hot & Sizzling Chemistry Between Paro And Rudra in Rangrasiya

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If we look at the list of hot couples in the television industry then we will need to add another name to it: Rudra and Paro. This onscreen couple of the famous hit show Rangrasiya has driven their fans crazy for them.

ashish sharma and sanaya iraniThis story is based in Rajasthan where girl named, Paro dreams of a man every night. These dreams haunts and scares Paro. Each night, she sees Rudra, dressed as is BSD officer coming towards her. Rudra, is an ignited and ferocious person who hates to love due the darkness of his past. He believes that all beautiful women can only spell trouble for him.

paro , Rang Rasiya

Destiny brings Rudra and Paro together and their story is one of hatred to love. Rudra is patriot and believes that the only thing that matters to him in life is his career as a BSD officer and his country. Alternatively, Paro believes that he is the Jallad due to various misunderstandings between them. But soon Paro becomes aware that Rudra is the sad young boy that she gave her prized doll at the bus station to heal his sorrow 15 years ago!

ashish shartma and sanaya irani

Consequently, she now understands why she is linked to Rudra and why he comes to her dreams nightly to disturb her. In time, this knowledge makes her realize that Rudra is her only destiny and this causes her to admit her feelings for Rudra. Paro runs to Rudra’s office for the sole purpose of telling him her startling news! To explain to him and tell him that they are connected to each other from years back. She believes that no one can separate them as this is their destiny. Once there, Paro proposes to Rudra in front of his superior officers at Rudra’s bravery award ceremony.

major rudra pratap ranawat

Rudra is angry with her and categorically refuses her purposal because he doesn’t believe in love and marriage. However, later he decides to change his mind and marries Paro out of pure hatred to get revenge from her due to another misunderstanding.

paro and rudra, rangrasiya os

During the make shift wedding ceremony, Rudra promises her that he never love her and never belong to her ever! But Rudra fails to keep his promise as he is slowing and irrevocably falling in love with Paro. Currently, after his mini a Jaipur honeymoon, Rudra seems really positive towards Paro and is also very protective of her.

rudra and paro kiss, parud

He can’t bear to see her experiencing any amount of pain and can’t stand to see her away from his eyes. However, Rudra has a dark secret that he is hiding regarding his past about an 8 year sexual relationship that he had with Laila. He doesn’t want to hurt or tarnish Paro in any manner by having to tell her. However, he confesses his relationship to Paro because he don’t want that she learns these facts from the conniving and manipulating, Laila.

rudra and laila kiss

Fans are loving Parud’s caring and loving scenes and can’t bear to see them separated or upset with each other because the sweetness of their love story is making their fan swoon with excitement and happiness!

ashish sharma and sanaya irani

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