Three Great Gifts for Fashion-Conscious Millennials

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Buying gifts can be tricky, especially for the younger generation, but buying for a fashion-conscious friend or relative can be a lot more fun than picking out which pair of socks to get your dad this year!

If you’re looking for some inspo, here are three of our favourite picks for the Millennial who appreciates a bit of glam.


No millennial woman should be without a pair of these comfy and stylish footwear pieces, which have been creeping into fashion over the last few years.

Ideal for wearing while out and about on summer days, or all year-round while relaxing at home, sliders are the ultimate comfort shoe and much less likely to get you dirty looks in the street than a pair of Crocs!

Just be sure you opt for a fashionable pair, not something which you’d expect to see your dad rocking on holiday.

While the classic and simple Adidas sliders which were popular in the 90s have made a comeback, there’s also loads of chic and stylish designs available from your favourite high street fashion brands as well.

Head to Missy Empire to check out some of the latest styles, including our favourites, these pink faux fur sliders at just £15.

For more information on the unlikely revival of the slider, check out this post from the Independent!

Designer Phone Cases

If there’s one thing that’s more important to millennials than anything else, it’s their smartphones.

Texting, surfing, Snapping, shopping and even dating, our smartphones are at the centre of our lives, so it’s important to keep them protected.

However, these days, it’s about much more than protection, and your phone case is as much of a reflection of you and your style as your outfit!

Thankfully, there are some uber-cool designer options out there, including those mobile phone cases at Stringberry, including designs from a number of up and coming artists and designers.

Having anything happen to their devices is the worst nightmare of most millennials, but their cases don’t have to be a chunky industrial piece of hardware, so why can’t they use it as a chance to express themselves?

Wooden Accessories

For something a bit different, how about some wooden accessories for the millennial on your lists, whether male or female?

Sites such as Be Wooden have all manner of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and even bow ties, all made from beautiful natural woods.

Not only do they look quirky (always a plus), but they’ve also got that eco-friendly vibe which is sure to go down well with millennials.

They might not be for everyone, but these unique handmade gifts are full of character and your hipstery mates will totally love them.

For more inspiration for the fashionista millennial in your life, check out this list from Glamour.

Just cause they’re into fashion doesn’t mean you have to get them a voucher for their favourite spots, and there are loads of cool-looking accessories out there that they might appreciate and they won’t necessarily break the bank for you either.

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